WCU Hunter Library Interlibrary Loan Lending Policies

This page is to present Hunter's lending policies to other libraries. Individuals should use the interlibrary loan services at their home library.

We Accept

OCLC requests (symbol: NMW), ALA forms by mail, fax, or Ariel, and email requests using the IFLA Guidelines for Sending ILL Requests by Email.


Prefer IFM but will invoice with material.

Loan Period

90 days for books, 45 days for audio-visual materials.

Charges for Loans

We do not charge.

Charges for Copies

We do not charge.

Special Formats

Available for loan: theses, CDs, DVDs, microfilm (up to 4 reels per mailing), state and federal government documents

Not available for loan: Leisure Reading, e-books, non-circulating materials, textbooks, kits.

Special Collection items are lent at the discretion of the Special Collections Librarian.


We use the US Mail library rate for most of our loans. Articles are delivered via Odyssey or Article Exchange. We do not charge postage except for overseas delivery.


We charge cost plus $20.00.